About Giovanni Fortezza

Innovation design director @Infor Hook & Loop. I build, mentor and lead innovation service design teams through complex engagements in all types of environments.
Step back and look at all the moving parts once in a while

Service Innovation Design through the lens of Project MAX

Recently I was asked to speak at the NYC xCHANGE 2017 Design conference, an invitation-only event attended by creative leaders and design executives. I was one of three presenters invited to share my views on how Innovation is being carried out within the organization.

In my current role as a Director of Innovation Design at […]

Creating a culture of innovation

Creating a culture of innovation in the enterprise is not an easy task. Many companies have tried but either a lack of resources or pressure to continue developing existing products get in the way and these attempts die before they take hold.

Management believes that concurrent development on improvements to existing product and a […]

Macro vs. micro customer journey

In a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, the writer makes the case for the creation of Customer Journey Maps in an organization.

In many large companies journey maps are created at the inception of every project but are seldom followed through, and when they are they tend to be treated as final and […]

UX: The Director role and other considerations

In order to understand the makeup of the User Experience (UX) Director, we need to look back at the origins and evolution of the profession. In the not so distant past, in order to bring a product to market a company needed to hire a variety of designers and marketers, a product placement expert […]

Application of The Kano model in an Agile environment

The Kano model of product development utilizing customer satisfaction as a quantitative factor was devised by a Japanese economist Noriaki Kano for the manufacturing process and it has slowly been creeping in to Customer Experience (CX). A former colleague first introduced me to the Kano model in 1999. We used it on a regular […]