Project Description

The Time Warner Cable shopping process or Buy-Flow added a nationwide purchase process to the redesigned Time Warner Cable website. The purchase process prior to this effort was not web based and conducted completely offline. The process began with a customer inquiry phone call to a truck roll to complete installation. The purchase process was riddled with errors and more often than not resulted in a displeased customer. From a business point of view the cost involved with the complete installation were much higher than they should have been. The manual inputs into the internal legacy systems accounted for the majority of the errors.

Since we could not control all aspects of the internal legacy systems integration, we focused our efforts on collecting clean data that could be shared across systems. In order to achieve that I created an interface that simply and easily collected all data required for a correct installation of the items that the customer had added to the basket.

The definition phase of the project between requirements gathering and specifications lasted approximately eighteen months. Maintaining a close partnership with design and technology was key to the project success. A bi-weekly client check-in was spent ironing out details about the process and the interface.

Upon completion of the beta we conducted several rounds of testing in locations across the country that validated our approach and design. The Buy-Flow was rolled out in two trial markets and within six months it was deployed nationwide.